Question of the Week : If I Were A Youtuber

QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS BACK. Here at rCars, we try to have a weekly round table discussion. Sometimes it’s about cars, sometimes it’s about whatever. So without any further adieu, let's get into it. So lately this year we've seen a large boom in YouTubers buying cars. A quick search will find videos of people with youtube as a full-time occupation buying various cars such including but not limited to:

  1. GTRs, which are always a favorite and a relatively easy way to buy speed.
  2. 240SXs, which are fun to slide, but we’re now seeing more than just drift builds.

C7 Z06s, which are an awesome bang for your buck car.
4. Lamborghinis.
5. The elusive Porsche 911R made it’s way into one lucky youtuber's stable

It's a great time to be a YouTuber I guess. In some respects, it’s cool to be a viewer and see someone actually owning and driving some of these cars. So this week's question is our turn, in a hypothetical sense. If you were a YouTuber with a budget of, say $150k, what car would you purchase, and why?(for content creation or personal reasons) Try and find a sales ad for the car. ONE CAR LIMIT and you don't have to spend the whole $150k Good luck.

Here’s my choice. I went with what I feel is a soon-to-be classic car. The McLaren MP4 12-C. It’s a classic to me because it was McLaren’s first dive into making road production cars. It is the one that started it all and is on a very short list of cars with a carbon fiber tub. A lot of people will argue $150k for a used car is an insane idea, but consider the fact that a 12c was almost three hundred thousand dollars if optioned right, and this becomes a hell of a deal. Also, how much lower can you expect the car to drop? At this point, I don’t see it depreciating much more, In fact, it's likely going to appreciate down the road. Anyone buying new will certainly take a hit on the value of their car. The car is painted in a funky green that reminds me of my school color teal and looks amazing. An exciting color for an exciting car. It is optioned with the sports exhaust, carbon fiber package and saddle leather that seems pristine. What excited me most about the 12c is that is is a bonafide supercar. Personally, I find the futuristic and sleek styling of McLaren to be beautiful. The interior is minimalist, and the car oozes racing pedigree. Unless I’m buying new, nothing (short of the ACR and perhaps the Zo6) comes close to the performance of the McLaren. The car was no slouch when it released. It featured the aforementioned Carbon fiber tub, a 3.8L twin turbo v8 with 592 hp, (the following year McLaren upped it by 25hp giving it a 2.9 second 0-60 and made the tune available for all owners) 3.3 second 0-60, if you care about that kind of thing and the doors of a billionaire. I also think there’s a certain mystique about McLaren. They don’t have a stigma like other supercars do. People see them and don’t know what they really are. Everyone knows one Porsche owner, maybe a Ferrari owner, but a McLaren owner is a rarity. That is why I think this would make a Youtube asset. I am a huge fan of cars as an experience that put a smile on your face and others. That is part of what the McLaren is. It looks great, people want to talk about it and see it in the wild. Unless you scour McLarenlife, you aren’t really sure what goes wrong. On the 12c, the biggest issues (doors needing to be slammed to seal shut, LCD panels going dim or not responding to touch) were all fixed under warranty. The only non-warranty issue being fogged headlights. It would be an interesting journey to see just how reliable a McLaren is, how the dealerships and service centers are, and discover the little nuances of the car. It’s truly an interesting vehicle that was a bit misunderstood. I’ve always wanted three things in a car, mid-engine, racing pedigree, and exotic looks. The McLaren is able to give me all of these.

Sales page

Mclaren 12c sales page

Connor made his choice based on the statement “it can haul things and ass”.

The triple black Audi RS7 is a sedan full of power and sleek looks.

"I think the Audi RS7 strikes a good balance between practicality and performance, considering we don't get the RS6 Avant stateside. It can fit four and schlep them to their business meetings at a fancy restaurant, or do track duty as well. It's very... very fast, and considering how much work you could potentially put into the 4.0L twin turbo V8, it can easily gain another 200 horsepower at the crank if you try. For $150,000, I think it's the best competitor to a GT-R, with a potential to be as fast and tune-able."
Connors RS7 Configuration

Cody's choice is a bit long-winded, but very thorough,

"If I had $150K (I'm assuming USD) to spend on a vehicle which would play a central role in a personal YouTube channel, I'd go with the American Expedition Vehicles Brute Double Cab DC350. AEV is sort-of-but-not-really Jeep's Alpina or Shelby, AEV is not owned by Jeep, but they seem to be on very good terms with Jeep to the point of having AEV/Jeep dealerships in some places. The Brute Double Cab is essentially a Wrangler Unlimited that gets chopped up then stitched back together again in the form of a crew cab pickup truck. A Jeep pickup truck? That's something that Jeep nuts have been begging for since the death of the Comanche. Between the popularity of the Brute and Mopar's own JK-8 regular cab pickup conversion kit, Jeep has confirmed that the next-generation Wrangler will have some sort of pickup body style from the factory. Until then, my favorite option is the Brute, which is roughly a $40k option on top of the roughly $40k I would spend on a new Rubicon. But wait, that's only 80 grand, hardly even half of my budget! Well, here is where AEV get's even cooler. For starters, the DC350 kit isn't just the body conversion, they include off-road bumper and suspension and tires to name a few other features, but of course, those can be enhanced as well. To rattle off a few of the options, I've spec'd my Brute with their 4.5 inch Dual Sport suspension lift, 37" BFG M/Ts, the snorkel, the "Premium Leather" seats along with super special AEV-branded floor mats, the Dynatrack ProRock 44 axle up front with the 60 in the rear, and of course, the icing on the cake, AEV's (second) biggest claim to fame: Their HEMI swaps. Now currently the 6.4 and 5.7 with automatic and manual options available for each are all we have, no Hellcat... yet, but the $36k option for the 6 speed connected to the 6.4L should be more than sufficient, if not a little scary. I've driven a 5.7 swapped JKU before and it was a hoot, but if I've got all this imaginary money to spend, why not treat myself? The 4 door Jeeps, despite being body-on-frame, steel construction, solid axle SUVs, actually weigh about as much as the naturally aspirated SRT Challengers with the same engine, I'm not sure if that's a compliment to how surprisingly light the Wranglers are or a jab at the most obese coupe on the market, but either way it should give you at least some context as to how a 470 horsepower Wrangler pickup truck might carry its weight around.
All in all I racked up about $100k in options on top of the stock $40k Jeep, bringing me well under the imposed limits.

Jeep Wrangler pickup

As to why I chose this truck as my ultimate YouTube entertainment machine, that's where the other $10k will come in handy. People who follow vloggers on YouTube do so because, and this is my personal opinion, it is an escape from their own lives. They want to see adventures and events that they would never get to experience in their own lives, and what better vehicle is there for just pure, straight up adventuring than a highly modified Jeep pickup truck? I'm going to be bold here and predict most of my accomplices here will choose sports cars and track days, might get a few answers about drifting, and that's cool, but that's also what so many other popular car vloggers do. I guess I'm sort of cheating because my plan isn't to be strictly a car vlogger, I would like to use that leftover $10k and buy a bunch of, well, adventure gear. Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, I feel like there would be a market out there for people who would love to watch a guy and his buddies load up and take big trips to remote areas and partake in shenanigans. My channel would be about the destination as much as it would be about the journey, and if someone gave me $150K to spend on that journey, I can't think of a more entertaining option than a HEMI-powered AEV Brute Double Cab."

Afro always comes with a personal answer that is well thought out. He chose the BMW i8 (of course being the techie he is) and here is his reasoning.

“At the $150,000 price point there's not a ton of options in the exotic market that are new and the rest of my choices are the balls to the walls track day versions of normals cars. Since I'm not a fan of fixing cars worth as much as a house and I still want something exotic I'm keeping my search to new cars.

At my current skill level I know I can barely push my s2k and WRX to their limits, so I don't think I need the crazy level of power of a Porsche 911 turbo or a Viper ACR. So in my case, I find it a better idea to focus on factors other than unparalleled performance.

The BMW i8 isn't the cheapest option, it's not the fastest, and it's not really the best choice either in terms of cost to performance or practicality ratios. The BMW does, however, offer a lot of cool features. The car nails the future look to the wall and while many people think it may look dated down the road I'm inclined to believe it will always look pretty cool. The tech inside the i8 appeals to my inner techie and the performance, from what I've heard, is delightfully respectable and it has more than enough power to enjoy on a daily basis.

I can always make enough to get cars under the 100k price range, but if I was given more than that, I might as well enjoy something that actually looks like a supercar.”

He would also do the german delivery. The German delivery is actually a great option if you haven’t heard of it. Essentially it’s a free trip to Germany and a lap time at the ‘ring. You spec your BMW home online, build it, then go to Germany to see it come off the line. At that point, you’re given some temp. Tags, and free to drive around Germany. When you’re done and ready to go back to the states your car will be shipped over, and some of the fees are waived. Done correctly you save money and get to experience a new culture.

BMW i8 build

Brian decided to go power and German with his choice as well. AMG E63S in wagon form. He wants it, in his words,

“So I can cruise in comfort and anonymity. Having all the advanced safety tech and partial autonomy available for long highway cruises is a huge plus.
It has all the performance with loads of practicality. Basically fully loaded white exterior, black and carbon fiber interior. No carbon ceramic brakes though.” when I asked why he said,

“I don't need ceramics because stock brakes will track just fine and ceramics are a bitch on the street from what I've heard.”

Makes sense; no need for extra money on a car that might see autocross or a track day if it’s lucky. Brian is a huge advocate of active suspension because,

“it gives the car a two faced feel and it can be enjoyed on the bumpy roads and highways, but then firm up for the track and curvy roads.” As for the looks part,

“I went with night styling that replaces a lot of the chrome trim with black. There's just too much chrome on the standard model and the black makes it a bit more understated. I would also add laminated side glass for extra sound deadening and a quieter ride. I added the premium sound so I can have a banging stereo for my tunes as I cruise down the highway in comfort.”

For Brian, this is truly a car that would be enjoyed for all facets of life.

There you have this week's Question of the Week. Looks like everyone went brand new except me. (I’m still the fastest and most enjoyable, have fun with depreciation) Leave a comment down below which car you’d like to see as a youtube car, or what your choice in car would be. As always contact us if you have a question to submit.