Valentines Day

Your car is a reflection of who you are. People can see or hear your car before they see you, it’s a part of your first impression. Whether you want it to stick with you or not, your car is part of your identity. Sometimes people just associate you with your car. Sometimes people lump you into a group of people based on your vehicle. It’s not surprising that some people buy a car just because of the image it portrays of them. Since your car is an extension of you, it only makes sense that it can have an effect on your dating life.

Here we are in 2017, another Valentine’s day. Independent of how you feel about the day, you can not really avoid it. Walk into the local grocery store, supermarket, or even dollar store, and you’re bombarded with chocolates, balloons, and stuffed animals. For some people, Valentine’s day is enjoyable; it’s a way to spend time with the person you love and show them how much you care. For others, Valentine’s is a yearly reminder of their loneliness.

Old car related valentines card

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have any plans for Valentine’s day, maybe your car has something to do with it. The good people over at decided to compile the results of their research and make a few charts to explain the correlation between your vehicle and your perceived attractiveness.

There are a few things that were universal between men and women. The biggest turn on’s
are a clean, reliable car. Both men and women list that as one of the most important characteristic of a car for the opposite sex by a 60% margin. Having a clean car is something that matters, a vehicle that is littered with trash is not a very inviting space. Being reliable only makes sense; It’s difficult to enjoy a vehicle that is barely working. To go along with those, cigarette butts in the ashtray, trash on the seat, and bad loud music (something that’s a bit subjective) are also turn offs. However, it’s important to note that trash, again, is a prevalent theme. If there’s one thing to understand here it’s that, regardless of who you are, keep your car clean.

Another interesting point of agreement for both men and women is that about 10% of them envision desirable people of the opposite sex driving a Porsche.

This data tells us that men and women both like cars that are clean, reliable, and you’re probably attractive if your car hails from Stuttgart. However, the similarities between the sexes stop there. Once you look at the data from there it shows an interesting separation.

Women like Men who drive Pickup trucks. At 32%, it’s what they believe “attractive men” drive. Coming in second place are Sports cars at 27%. Minivans and Mail trucks are last on the list with 2 and 1 percent. It’s interesting to note that pickup trucks, and not the “midlife crisis” sports car, rank number one. Perhaps it could be due to the rugged image that pickup trucks have? Look at a pickup truck commercial and it looks like an advertisement for the stereotypical manly man lifestyle. While Sports cars are sleek, usually more expensive and more thrilling, look no further than the list of “traits associated with drivers of different vehicles” to attempt to understand the psyche. For sports cars, the traits are: adventure seeker, not a calm person, and an emulator. ⅔ of those are arguably very negative traits to seek in a partner. Looking at the pickup truck, it’s Middle class, doesn’t like high-density living, and is a cornerstone for those with a good work ethic. All 3 of these traits can be argued as positive and someone you can bring home to mom and dad. Also, while on the subject of sports cars, loud exhaust can be a turnoff for women as well (ranked 4th). When it comes to colors, women say the most important color is overwhelmingly black at 53%. Looking more at the data, the color black says that you have an aggressive personality and that you are a rebel.

If you are solely buying that red 370z with the aggressive motordyne exhaust to stand out and impress women, think again.

early Gen raptor

Men believe attractive women drive sports cars. At 39%, it’s the top choice, with sedans ranked second at 22%, it’s worth mentioning that SUVs are fairly close for second at 20%. The sports car ranking number 1 makes sense. First off, guys love sports cars, they excite us. Secondly, a girl who drives a sports car is different. There's something about her you can’t quite put your finger on that exudes sex appeal and a sense of not being typical. Also, if we trace these feelings back to advertising, an attractive woman is always seen beside a sports car in the posters, or commercials. In the movies, the woman who drives the sports car is the one that keeps the guy on his toes. She’s the badass woman who helps advance the story and is usually independent and sultry. She sides with the protagonist, usually saving him from mishap. It’s also worth noting that the number one brand men envisioned desirable women driving was BMW, this keeps in line with the sports car theme.

For women, the number 1 brand was Ford, tying into the pickup truck ideology. The next 2 choices (sedan and suv) can be tied into having the big car needed for a family or to transport things so the guy can own a sports car guilt free. The color Men find the most attractive is red. The color red is said to represent being full of energy and pizzaz.. The data confirms that, ladies, if you want to impress a guy, go get a red BMW M4.

NSX with Michelle Christensen in front

The findings of the study, in my opinion, are very general, but for the most part I have to say I think they’re right. From a male perspective, a woman in a sports car is attractive. I can personally remember the times I’ve seen a woman in a 370z, FR-S, or 911 compared to a woman in a 328i, or Chevy Equinox. The women in the sports car piqued my interest a lot more. Also, it just means we may potentially have more in common. I will say I don’t believe “desirable” women drive BMW’s. As a matter of fact I believe the opposite, I find it to be a sign of conforming and lack of personality, not traits I deem desirable. The notion that sports cars are not the most important things to women is very true. In most cases, women aren’t truly phased by that shiny new Corvette with the big V8 after the novelty of new wears off. She isn’t going to generally care why your GT350 having a flat plane crank is important. However, if you have a truck that looks sturdy, it triggers something in her. She likes the comfort of sitting up high, the knowledge that your truck can go anywhere safely.

Relationships, dating and the impression you have on people can be complex. You never really know anything for sure. Now, you have a brief clue as to what attracts the opposite sex. If you’re still looking for a valentine take this information into consideration.