QOTW: What do you like from NAIAS?

It’s time for another Question of the Week here at rCars! Recently we sent a few of our finest out to Detroit for the NAIAS. There were tons of exciting things going on in Detroit, reveals, seat time, talking with executives to name a few. For this question of the week, we turn our attention back to NAIAS briefly to discuss what our favorite part of the show was.

Let's get this out the way. The overwhelming favorite was the Kia Stinger GT. RWD over 300 hp, 4 doors, sensual styling, it’s some fresh blood in the sports sedan segment (even though Kia markets it as a Grand Tourer and not a sports sedan on their website).

For Brian, he was most excited by Kia’s new RWD vehicle. He stated, “My favorite car shown at NAIAS 2017 was the new Kia Stinger GT. This car marks a big step for Kia who has already shown great improvement over the past decade. The prospect of another sports sedan in the market is very appealing.” Brian also threw in a fact that to me makes the car a bit more appetizing, it was engineered by the former BMW ///M Vice President of Engineering. He sees a lot of potential in the car and hopes Kia continues to develop and improve it over the years.

Kia Stinger GT

Juan also found the Stinger appealing but for different reasons. Juan stated, “I'd probably have to go with the Kia GT. I'm always a huge fan of companies stepping into the sports car market and seeing Kia actually do anything other than wallow in its own filth was a nice change of pace. Some runners up would be the ford GT and the Alfa 4C. Both old cars, but seeing them in person for the first time really put some perspective onto how beautiful they really are. I'd always found the 4C to be a car that was really ugly in pictures, but pictures don't do it justice. The ford GT looks stunning however no matter how you look at it.” I have to agree here. I’ve seen and sat in the 4C a few times. It’s size and shape don’t translate well on photo, you have to see it in person to appreciate it. It’s very reminiscent of the Supercars that are tiny and personal in person with larger than life personalities.

Red Ford GT

I have to say, I like the Kia Stinger GT. It’s not a car for me, as I prefer Coupes but it is an attractive car. The car has power and torque that’s more than adequate. Like Juan said this is Kia proactively trying to change their image. Plenty of car manufacturers claim they want sales, they will listen to what the people want, or throw around fancy names like “four door sports coupe”, but Kia at least on paper actually did it. I hope to see it succeed and challenge the market.


Connor and Sam both liked the Cars 3 trailer, but for different reasons. For Connor, he was so taken aback by it he couldn’t formulate a response. Sam on the other hand collected himself and gave an opinion “I was just stoked to see more on the Cars 3 upcoming movie. The trailer makes it seem like a dark take on the family film. Much like Christopher Nolan's Batman to the Schumaker Batman we knew before the Dark Knight. I was originally hoping for a "Days of Thunder" style animated film, but this has me intrigued.” I have to agree with Sam. The movie looks to be a heavy movie with deep themes. Cars has always been fun, BUT also dealing with finding who you are, this one just looks to be a bit more edgy than the rest. I think this one will open up the franchise to taking more risk.

Jakes experience was a bit different. His choice was in something that already exist but is superb nonetheless. The Shelby GT350R. “Hands down it was being able to see and sit in the new 350R. It's the first time I have sat in the new generation mustang - let alone this rare trim. Loved the alcantara interior, steering wheel and the feel of the shifter. Very short and mechanical feeling. Very mean stance and design as well. I was impressed, and if you could actually get one at MSRP $61,000 - what a steal. Definitely wouldn't pay $100K for it though; It's still a Mustang.” The GT350R is definitely a special car. Carbon fiber wheels, high revving flat plane crank v8, premium materials, but as Jake said, “It’s still a Mustang.”


For me personally, I wasn’t wowed by NAIAS. The Stinger intrigued me, but isn’t for me. The one car that wowed me however, was the Lexus LC500. I personally, love Lexus design language. I think the LC500 is a beautiful car. The interior looks like a very engaging but comfortable place. It’s a flagship car that retains its V8, which is always exciting. Also, it’s a concept car that came to life. Normally concept cars are tweaked and things of that nature before they release, this one stayed true to form. I’m hoping this beautiful car sells and makes a mark.


There you have the rCars staff opinion on the NAIAS. Thanks for reading another Question of the week.