Twas the morning before Christmas...

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the city cars were gathering for an annual thing called Cars and Coffee.

Every Saturday, car enthusiast in Charleston South Carolina converge on one spot for an annual car meet. We all wake up early and starting at 8am until the last person leaves, we show up and have cars and coffee. It's an informal gathering of sorts. Anyone is welcome to park and just hang out for awhile. It's in a shopping center parking lot in towne center in Mount pleasent so it certainly has plenty of traffic. People come to run errands and may be surprised to hear a cammed old school Corvette like their dad had, or see that awesome Ferrari 458 they always dreamed of and wonder over.

The event takes place every Saturday, unlike some cars and coffee events that are once a month or bi-weekly. It's a great way to start your Saturday. Wake up early, head out the house when no one is on the road, arrive to get a good spot, and just talk cars and enjoy it all. When I worked over in Mount Pleasent, if I had to show up on Saturdays for work Cars and Coffee beforehand made my day much better.

Everytime I am able to make it I spot something different that catches my interest. Whenever I'm there I'm able to have a full conversation with a stranger about their car, or just listen and learn something for the day. Rather it be about the m4 GTS, the NSX, the Ferrari 355 Challange, or someone's Project BRZ, people are open to talk about their car.

The event unifies people and often some frequent it every Saturday. With today being Christmas eve, the faithful people (and some new ones)still managed to turn out to the event. It's just that kind of feel good vibe that makes cars and coffee fun. Rarely is someone obnoxious, and there's no need for security. There's never any type of prejudice or cliques going on, and the scene is diverse.

Without further ado, I've decided to share with you as a gift some of the sights of Christmas Eve Cars and Coffee.

The Challanger manages to dwarf everything around it.

Mustangs always seem to group themselves together at functions.

Do you prefer your engine in the front or the back?

It's interesting to see how the C6 and C3 are almost identicles of each other. The lines and pillars of the 2 cars make the C6 look directly like a modern day C3.

So with that, I leave you with this poem;

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the city cars were gathering for an annual thing called Cars and Coffee. The paint was washed by hand with care, in hopes that people of all ages would stare. The people were gathered with vehicles of joy and thoughts of enjoying their favorite toy.

Merry Christmas from the entire team at rCars and happy holidays!