Home Away from Home.

It’s August, that means back to football season, back to the hustle and bustle of traffic from school buses, and back to seeing “friends” you haven’t talked to all summer. For college students it means one more thing; moving! Every August unless you have a year round apartment (best way to go) millions of college students move to another city to live for the next 9 months. It can be a move as small as 30 minutes away, or it could be across the country. As exciting as it is, this is also a tumultuous time if you're new to the area. Finding new restaurants, new spots to hangout, which parts of town are safe, etc. can be challenging. For Car enthusiast however it poses a different problem.

Finding a new car scene.

Regardless of your level of enthusiasm (weekend car show warrior, meets every night, hanging out at local shops) the local car scene is important to you. The local scene determines, at the very least, what kind of cars you are going to be familiar with, or your experiences with the various stereotypes found in your area. Your car scene can help develop everything you know and think about cars. Someone from a BMW dominant area might think BMW drivers are extremely knowledgeable, and have the best heritage. While someone from a JDM dominant area might be obsessed with turbos, and RHD cars, and overnight parts from Japan. It’s easy to get comfortable in your local scene. Learning the spots to go for fun,who drives what vehicle, who has the hookup on parts, or paint jobs, but when you change cities be it for college or for other life reasons, you have to readjust and leave your comfort zone.

Finding a new scene is a big task. It’s like walking into a forest blind. You’re unsure where the snakes are, what plants are poisonous vs. good for you, which animals bite or are friendly. Any car scene, no matter where you go, is going to be split into subgroups, but it’s a great way to make friends, build relationships, and develop a network of knowledge about your vehicle. However, just as with all new challenges, it’s about taking that first step.. Going to that first meet, or attending that first cruise. Once you get that out the way you can see, assuming it’s a healthy scene, everyone there loves cars just like they did back home.

New experiences help us to grow and develop as people. Fear holds us back. If you’re moving for school or for any other reason, don’t let that fear hold you back. Go dive into the local car scene. If you’re someone who’s a bit more shy, it’s 2016. The internet is an amazing tool. Look for facebook pages or forum post about local groups. If you don’t know your way around the area Google maps will help you get there. Doesn’t matter if you like American Muscle, German engineering, Italian Flair, Japanese Precision, there’s something out there for you. It’s up to you to go exploring and go see it for yourself. Hop in your car, take a ride, go exploring, and be enthusiastic about the new scene around you. As the song says “"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with