Fast and Furious QOTW

Question of the week volume 3

“I live my life a quarter-mile at a time”, “too soon junior”, “One car in exchange for knowing what a man’s made of. That’s a price I can live with”, ”I used to drag here back in high school“, "If we have to, overnight parts from Japan." All of these quotes have all become one with Car culture for 20 something year olds. While our parents lusted after American cars, many of us have fantasies of an r34 Skyline, or Evo, or some other Japanese sportscar. There is one movie franchise responsible for all of this, The Fast and the Furious.

Say what you want to about the franchise and the direction it's taken, but Fast and the Furious series helped shape an entire generation of car people. The underglow, excessive shifting, and NOS of the first film had everyone trying to be a tuner. From Street racing skills to the craziest visual mods. The second film had kids going crazy over the skyline, and introduced the Evo to the American market. The third film was hugely responsible for the obsession with drift racing and the drift tax on the 240sx. So for our question of the week, we wanted to briefly look at the influence it had on our staff.

Aside from the awesome cars, Fast and the Furious also was filled with huge personalities. Dom as the quintessential alpha male, Letty as that Tomgirl, Tej as the smart tech based friend, these personalities spoke to some people. So for our question of the week, we wanted to briefly look at the personalities from the saga and relate them to the staff. The question is

“If you had to choose any 1 character who has appeared in any Fast and the Furious Movie to be your chauffeur for a weekend , who would you choose, and if they have various cars, which one and why?"

For me I'm going with Han and his veilside rx-7. The rx-7 isn't my favorite car from the franchise (that title goes to Brian's skyline in 2fast2furious), but it just has a certain charm, like the rotary engine that powers it. The car with the body kit looks tasteful and it isn't overdone racer. Perfect for a sporty weekend of chauffeuring. Only issue being the frequent gas stops. As for my choice of character, Han just seems like the most interesting character to sit down with. He was an observer. Someone who has seen a lot. He didn't necessarily talk much, but always had something philosophical or profound to say. This makes for great conversation that you can take away from. He never did anything unexpected that could cause any trouble, which is essential if someone is driving you around.

Jake chose Letty as his choice. Because well… she's Letty.

Afro made the same choice as me, but with his own motives. “I’d have to go with Han. He was the chillest, smartest, and most nonchalant member of their entire crew and arguably even the best driver. He always had a lot of restraint in what he did and almost everything he said and everything he acted upon was calculated to a point of borderline precognition. Overall he just seems like great asset to have around no matter what he did. He as a character inspires trust and confidence in me that the job would get done and done right with no questions asked. Even for a weekend, I feel like he could teach me some things and I’d get everywhere I needed to go in the best way possible.” The rx7 as his car of choice. I'm slightly perplexed that we both overlooked Hans Silvia as a car.

Brian's choice (no not that Brian) was the choice that surprised no one. He chose Dom. This makes too much sense, because they both Drive chargers. Cody with his boldly American Green v8 Challenger in Canada, choose Dom and his American muscle. However be also noticed that Dom has destroyed his car so many times and kept driving, so you'd be “safe”.

Connor decided to bunk the trend and go with someone outside of the gang. His choice, Eva Mendez’s character in 2fast2Furious. His reasoning was pretty simple, “Ooh . She's fucking gorgeous and not to mention she can get orders around. Best in a team, but you do have to order the back end of a limo to slide sideways at 100 mph. Plus gorgeous. She's probably a well above decent driver too so that helps.”

Jeremiah chose the Rocks character simply because he's the rock. To be fair the Rock was a bodyguard.

Sham was yet another Han passenger (popular guy). His car choice, however, was different. “ his Evo. The one he gave to the Main character in Tokyo Drift. We never saw him drive it. So i want to ride in an AWD drift car with the real drift King.”

So there you have your answers to this weeks question. Who would YOU choose to drive you around from the Fast and the Furious universe?