Quick Drive: 2010 G37

Normally I'm not a luxury car guy. Frankly, a leather seat package and suspension slightly softer then a Humvee is all I need for a car to feel comfortable. But when a friend of mine told me (rather begrudgingly) that if I really wanted to drive his new lightly used 2010 G37 I could, I jumped at the chance.

I normally don't like the style that Infiniti uses for their cars, but this particular G37 is has a fantastic blue-gray paint job that really brings it up a notch.

Unfortunately I didn't take any shots of the interior. But I can tell you that it is a very comfortable car, with decently supportive seats and every luxury car bell and whistle. Backup camera, sonar, key-less everything, seats that automatically move to let you out of the car. The interior styling is more polarizing, and while it isn't my cup of tea I suspect many luxury car owners will appreciate it. After all, luxury sedans like this are supposed to remind you that you are in something a bit more upmarket then a Fiesta.

Right off the bat, this car feels a little smaller then it actually is. Steering is light for its size, and it flatly handles corners that would upset cars with more of a sporting attitude. But it still turns in like a large sedan and while body roll is minimal there is plenty of weight transfer. If you want something flickable and light, this isn't your car. But I suspect if those are your requirements, you won't be reading this.

The single largest selling point of the G37 (for me anyway) is the engine. The 3.7L V6 makes 328hp at 7000 rpm and 269 ft-lbs of torque at 5200 rpm. This means the power is locked behind a climb through the tachometer. Revving the car out to reach this power is hampered by the 7 speed automatic transmission, which will shift up the second you stop depressing the pedal. It has a manual shift mode which makes unleashing the power a bit easier but requires constant shifting to keep the engine in the torque band. This isn't a car you push hard, and my few attempts to wring a little more fun out of it were met with beeping and dash lights flicking on as the computers intervened.

Overall, I don't have a judgement on the G37. Its a big luxury car with plenty of power that protests when you try to use it, but mostly makes up for it with a comfortable (if gaudy) interior and pleasant driving dynamics at normal speeds.