Question of the week vol.2

Welcome to yet another question of the week! The weekly segment where we discuss anything auto related and you get to know the rcars team. This week with the racing season getting into full swing we wanted to tackle a question surrounding racing, and tracks.

Before the automobile was invented people were racing. It's just human nature, the purest form of competition. It's part of the desire to directly compare two things Vehicular racing has been around since the ancient Greeks learned rowing or sailboat racing. Once the automobile was invented, things just got bigger, faster, and the stakes got higher. As more cars came along besides the model T, racing evolved into different classes and variants. Today we have NHRA drag racing, shifter kart racing, scca sanctioned autocross events, F1 racing, and even off road rally racing to name a few. The one issue with this is there are many variables at play and just like in science, the more variables at play the more room for error in comparisons. So we’re gonna look at spec series.

For those who don’t know/understand, spec series are races with one make of car. So everyone drives the same car with the same specs around a track. This allows the true ability of the driver to shine, and it showcases just what a car is capable of. It can be all about race cars, or all about normal cars. As some put it, “Spec Racing has become a great way to race man-on-man, where it’s less about machine and budget, and more about Driver Talent” as well. Some of the more popular spec series involve the Porsche 944, Ferrari’s ever popular Challenge series, plenty of offerings from Lotus, and of course, the Miata has one. Spec races can be fun, wacky, interesting, or redundant.

So this weeks question pertains to spec races, and it is:

" If you could have a one spec race with any car, what would it be. Have as in either participate, or watch. One spec as in one generation. So if i say a corvette , i'd have to specify which generation. If you want you can include where the race would take place.”

I knew I wanted my answer to be something different. Not like a traditional race car, or off road car answer. Something that would be interesting to watch. So I went with the Range Rover Sport SVR as my vehicle of choice. Yes a Range Rover. As a matter of fact “The fastest Range Rover ever.” Bigger air intakes, 550hp and 502 lb ft of torque, a specially made 8 speed transmission, special air suspension, and a 0- 60 as fast as a Jaguar F type S. This car is also a looker with a panoramic roof, and some aero bits. Also with it being an SUV first and a supercharged 5.0 liter v8 behemoth second, the course selection could get interesting. I want to have a decathalon style race with the SVR. So the first part would take place in the woods, driving from there through a city, to a stretch of beach, followed by driving through the city, to get to mazda raceway at laguna seca, where the race would end. A choice that would undoubtedly test the car, stretch its legs, and showcase its versatility. While Porsche and BMW offer more powerful, and arguably more sporty SUV’s, we expect that from them. I’m intrigued in finding out just how good Range Rover’s offering actually is.

For the rest of the staff, they had a very wide range of answers.

Connor went with City Cars. These are basically subcompact cars meant for tiny streets. And for the course he chose Road atlanta. It’s a very technical course, so the car would either rise to the occasion or make for some hilarious spills.

Jeremih went with a modern classic. The E46 m3 from BMW. A car that was made to hit the track and just run. For his course, he is choosing Road America. Both decisions are purely emotional because he loves both the car and track.

Cody encouraged some Mad Max part three type racing with his answer. He wants, “ 1970 Cadillac Eldorados, around 20 of them, all with the 500cui V8, Daytona oval track, full contact heavily encouraged, most laps completed after 24 hours/last one still functioning wins.” This sounds purely like a Friday night race that would be both terrifying to attend and exciting to watch. When asked what “functioning” means he responded, “Functioning means they can move under their own power.” Very Darwin with that survival of the fittest going on.

Brian stayed American and went with, “1996 Buick Roadmaster Wagons with the LT1.” they had to have the wood paneling, course unspecified.

Jake broke the mold. While everyone opted for Road courses, he offered to hit the strip. Jake wants to see “a Miata twin turbo lsx with stock tires do a quarter mile”. The only way to sum this up, madness and debauchery.

Our choices and options def would make for a challenging and interesting season of racing! What do you think makes a great spec race? Which of our choice was your favorite? As always tune in weekly, to get to know the team, and even submit questions on our facebook, twitter, or email us at