Question of the week Vol. 1.

Welcome to a new segment here on rCars entitled "Question of the Week". Every weekend, the team here at rCars will tackle an automotive based question. They can range from funny, to serious, to hypothetical, to experience based. So tune in weekly, to get to know the team, and even submit questions on our facebook, twitter, or email us at

For the first rCars question of the week we decided to go fairly vague. Most cars now actually have a pretty long lifespan. Transmissions are stronger, engines are stronger, and aside from some electronics, they will last an incredibly long time. With that being said, most of the staff here at rCars are relatively young and could be living very different lives in the future. I decided to mix these two factors to pose a very simple, but thought provoking question.

“ If you could be given ONE VEHICLE to own for the next DECADE what would it be and why? The vehicle is paid for, BUT wearables like fuel, tires, clutch etc. are on you. Bumper to bumper warranty, and it will serve as your only car for this decade.”

Pretty straightforward question, but the devil is in the details. Depending on your age, your life can change drastically in 10 years. You can be 30 and just starting to settle down, you can be 28 and just finishing grad school, or you could be 40 and eyeing an early retirement. Your choice in vehicle all depends on your personality, where you see yourself, and your location. Once you realize this the question becomes tougher. Do I NEED AWD? Will I want a hybrid? Do I need back seats? Will I want to mod down the line? These are the little questions that all came up as staff made their choices.

For me personally, I had a criteria…AWD in case anything goes awry with living conditions, back seats for my extended family and younger family members, enough power to keep me happy, and a name that will always be recognizable. This left me with a few cars to choose from. In the end my answer was one that just made total sense once I found it. Enter… the Ferrari FF. I have always wanted a Ferrari. The Ferrari brand epitomizes speed, racing, and class to me. They are sticking with making superfast street legal F1 cars in an era when people are turning more towards making luxury cars. Ferrari’s signature is the glorious high revving NA V12 engine. Putting out 651 hp, the engine will never leave a dull moment in your life. Despite being a Grand tourer, the FF makes max power at 8000rpms. You would always have more than enough power on tap, while being able to get around without needing to drive at 10/10ths all the time . The steering wheel is lifted directly from the superb 458, along with those firm paddle shifters. Even though the FF is AWD, it has a new AWD system that, “ allows the retention of the traditional mid-front engine architecture, with rear transaxle connected to the engine by a single drive shaft. Added to this is the new Power Transfer Unit or PTU for the front wheels, which is connected directly to the engine and located over the front axle”. The FF can also be RWD only, because racecar. The back seats are full backseats, with amazing leather. While the FF isn’t your traditional insane Ferrari, or super exotic design, it is just a car you can live with. In a decade i’d still want to look at it, still want to drive it, and still be happy to wash it.

As for the rest of our staff, they had to make their own decision and explain themselves.

Forrest decided his car for the next Decade would be a 2016 GT350R. He picked it because, “I think the design will look good for a long time, and the redline of the engine makes a more fun car than lots of other performance cars. Also the new stang interior is super nice.” I have to agree here. The new mustang design is sleek, it’s dare I say sexy. The interior looks mature, and not like you paid for an engine with some amenities wrapped around. That flat plane crank and high redline just sounds wonderful as well.

Juan went with the Audi RS6 Avant for him it was an extremely tough choice. He needed the practicality of a wagon, with the fun of a manual, and some type of tuning potential. In the end he had to sacrifice the manual, but his reasons were pretty valid.
“Since all of the service is covered for 10 years reliability won’t be an issue, with the amount of power it’d be putting down it’d never being a boring drive, just a comfortable one. It’s a wagon so it retains the practicality I’m used to and I can carry friends and kids alike with stuff in the back. It’s a turboed V8, even if the modding community isn’t that big, I could easily still get some tuning done with it if I ever wanted more power out of it. Overall it’s just a practical choice with a shit ton of power under the hood and styling that I am very okay with.”

Chris didn’t need much thought or time to make his choice. 2009 Subaru Legacy 3.0r spec.b. His reasoning was well thought out, “Lots of power, looks amazing! But no turbo to have shaft play, no timing belt to replace, only came with an auto trans, so no clutch to replace. Decent on gas but not amazing. Also, seats 5 and has a large trunk. Plus AWD because Subaru STi handling from the spec.b package (the highest suspension package te company offers). Heated seats, in dash nav, heated wipers, rear wiper. 245 ft lbs at 2500rpm... also normal wear items are at a somewhat premium, but no where near the Porsche or other exotic level. Just barely more than a Kia.”

Cody went with a 2016 RAM 1500. Crew cab, hemi, 4x4, front bench seats. Rejecting a hellcat swap because “daily driver”. The truck was a lifestyle choice for him. He commented with the following, “ To understand my choice, you need to understand who I am. I live in a pretty rural area, one where pastimes include hunting, fishing, mudding with some buddies, driving back to the camp for the weekend. I’ll need ground clearance and lots of cargo space, a box to throw dead animals or ATVs in is ideal, so a pickup truck is my most obvious answer.”

Jeremih made his choice easily, 2016 Mazda CX-5, Grand Touring AWD. Logic, “Fun to drive, has enough space for my dog/wife/car parts, good gas mileage, should be reliable.”

Jake made a compelling and heartfelt argument. After explaining what makes his mid-engine supercar perfect, he decided he wanted the opposite and chose, a Datsun 240z. Perhaps with a hellcat engine swap down the line because… well just because.

For Connor, his answer was…. A Ford Escort. Simple, reliable, and would eventually be modded to hell and never back.

So there you have a taste of the different personalities here at rCars. Stay tuned for more questions, and leave an answer in the comments section.