Pastrana Takes First Win of the Season At the 100 Acre Wood

The rally in the 100 Acre Wood was back to its normal self this year, returning as one of the fastest and intense rallies of the Rally America season. After Sno* Drift 2.0 last year, the Organizers of the 100 Acre Wood decided to move the event back into March to give the drivers a longer break between events. A decision that also helped ensure that the 100 Acre Wood maintained its reputation as a high speed gravel event.


Luckily Missouri wasn’t in much of a “screw you” mood this year so the 100AW was free from sky ice and the weather was warm….ish so the racers came out swinging. With over 11 DNFs out of the 30 cars cars with listed standings, and average top speeds nearing and in some cases, surpassing 100mph, a lot of people were pushing it hard this past weekend

One of our friends managed to snag this video of one of the gnarliest crashes to occur on the first day

Peter Fetela and Co Driver Dominik Jozwiak were both okay after the crash and as were all of the other DNFs.

By the end of the evening the Subaru rally team took the 1 and 2 positions with Higgins killing his STI in the last event while trying to catch Pastrana and taking second and Pastrana taking his first win for the season. Third place went to Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Scott Putnam in their 2009 STi, trailing behind Higgins by almost two minutes and over 10 minutes behind Pastrana.

Both of the Subaru cars took a bit of a spill which is ever proof that this is one of the toughest races any car can be put through.