BMW M2 builder is now live.

Bavarian Motor Works’ latest M car is the Lighter, more agile, smaller, and overall cheaper than the M4, BMW M2. Some people consider the M2 a return to the traditional M car format, however, while still in M car format, the car is somewhat pricier than it’s non-M counterpart. For reference the M235i (technically not an M car, just a 235i with M bits) costs $45,145 out the door on the online configurator bare bones stock and comes with a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty. The BMW m2 was quoted at the Detroit auto show as costing $51,700 before options. The big question was how much would it cost to spec it to your liking. Now the answer is here

The only options are the transmission with the Dual clutch costing an additional $2,900 (the manual being the standard) and the executive package, Which includes all of the extra equipment for this model They include the rear view camera, heated steering wheel, active driving assistant, automatic high beams, speed limit info, and park distance control. All of these features combined add $1,250 to your car’s price if you are so inclined to add them. There's only one interior to choose from, a simple black on black, and the car only comes in 4 colors, three metallic, one non-metallic. The later, the traditional alpine white, and the other three, Black sapphire metallic, mineral grey metallic, and long beach blue metallic. Only the Alpine white is standard with the other colors adding $550 to the price.

In configuring my car I went with the black sapphire metallic paint, opted against the executive package, and after careful consideration to the transmission… I am still torn as to which one I would like. . The 6 speed is cheaper and will be more of a collector's car, but I think the double clutch transmission works perfectly by today's standards. Also BMW's implementation is very well done. In the end of comes down to everyday usability. The double clutch is just a friendlier everyday option. The doubleclutch is also what BMW offers at their driving classes, so I see it as the flagship option. On the flip side. Driving a car like this is an experience, and the manual helps make it the engaging driver's car it's meant to be. The manual is a staple of M cars, especially that m shift knob. The joy of double clutching can't be replicated on a double clutch transmission (ironic right) trust me; I've tried. Also as performance stick shift cars die out, it may behoove me to order the manual. Modern manuals have become so easy to drive that most true damage is almost impossible. I think it would truly come down to a last second decision. For the sake of pricing and the article, I'll elect for the double clutch. This brings my total to $56,145, The Delivery and handling is also factored in at $995, unless you opt for the European delivery option.

I'm glad to see BMW kept the options low so the already high price wouldn't soar. The car comes with a very long list of things, and you can look at them here. It’s refreshing to see a modern car that starts at a price and stays there once you add the stuff you want. Some people will be forlorn atthe lack of overall choice. With just 4 color options, and 1 interior, you won’t feel as unique with your m2 driving around. It’s a stark contrast to the m4 with 10 color options, over 15 interior options, 3 different packages, and performance and safety options. The m2 is a very straightforward car. Although part of me can't help but wonder with all the standard options, what if i were able to pick and choose, what I could get the price down to.

Customizing your M2 shows that you can get it for no more than $58,000. So the price doesn’t fluctuate too high. As opposed to the m4 which i started optioning and got up to $79,450, over 10 grand more than the base msrp of $65,700! The m235i that I specced starts at $44,150, and I got it up to $49,070 on my version. Again, the price of the m2 could drop if you opt for the European delivery, which quite a few prospective buyers are saying they’d choose.

The m2 is a highly anticipated car with an expected release date of April 16. It seem like most M2's are already spoken for, or on a long waiting list. Call your local dealership to inquire about availability. Until then, configure your car to your hearts desire.

(all info and photos used courtesy of BMW USA)