2017 Subaru Impreza Teased for the NY Autoshow

Subaru is kicking off 2016 with the announcement of the new 2017 Subaru Impreza. While it might not be as exciting as its buff, flat bill hat wearing cousins, for those of you who prefer lower insurance premiums and practicality, this may be interesting news for you.


From the teaser image Subaru release last week we can tell that there is a distinct resemblance to the ‘15 -’16 WRX and Subaru states that the Impreza has been completely redesigned “inside and out” and that it will see some upgraded inside tech as well as a roomier interior. As always the Impreza comes in a four or five door flavor and has more of the same old goodness we have come to expect from a Subaru.

The resemblance to the WRX has me a little worried that Subaru may be slipping back into the habit of making the WRX and the Impreza indiscernible aside from the hood scoops and louder exhaust notes, but only time will tell. There’s still no word on if and when we can expect to see the WRX of 2017, but here’s hoping that maybe we’ll get something to chew on during the show.

Keep your eyes open for what is to come from Subaru this year at the New York Auto Show.