Koenigsegg Regera NY Autoshow debut announced.

After over a year of speculation,following its announcement at last years geneva motorshow, the Koenigsegg Regera is finally ready to be released in the states. With help from partner Manhattan Motorsports, the Regera will be debuting at the upcoming New York Auto Show later this month. The Regera had its premier at the Geneva Motor Show on the first of march. Koenigsegg is a company who focuses on innovation with every new car they make; The current Regera is no different.

The Regera puts out 1500 hp; The number in itself is an amazing testament to power, however it’s the engineering where this car shines. It’s a RWD car with no traditional gearbox! The Regera has what Koenigsegg calls the “Direct Drive System”. Some of the biggest advantages this system has are less drivetrain power loss, and less weight. Koenigsegg touts this as a first in the automotive industry.
The system uses the company's turbo v8 engine along with three electric motors. This complex system allows for torque vectoring between the rear wheels and, At lower speeds, allows the car to run on electric power alone.

All in all the Regera is a technical marvel and it remains to be seen how amazingly this car will perform, and just how far the system goes as far as improving the performance of the car over a traditional drivetrain.
The company's first megacar the one:1 will also be present in NYC. This is a treat because only seven cars exist, and only one exist in the US.
Koenigsegg will have their press conference at 12:45 on March 24, and the Regera will be at the show from March 23-26 only.